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| Eleanor Shemtov

Eleanor Shemtov

Memory is like a patchwork of moments, a collection or mosaic of fragments from the past that inform our identity and make up our lives. The title of this project, Souvenirs, means memories in French, Shemtov’s second native language with English and one part of her cultural identity.

Inspired by the tradition of quiltmaking and its relationship to culture and heritage, this website is a reflection on memory and identity, thinking about our relationships with places and community, music and faith, as well as keepsakes, sports, and food.

Through the website each user is asked to first complete a short survey with broad questions about themselves, after which they receive a curated selection of illustrated quilt squares based on their responses. Then, they are able to drag these squares to create their own unique digital quilt, representative of their identity, that they can save and take away from the experience.