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| Kunal Abichandani

Kunal Abichandani

The relationship between innovation and ethics in the technology world is complicated. However, as daily consumers of social media and technology more broadly, we often lack the control or perspective to solve the many problems that arise from their use.

Your Social Dilemma is a web-based simulation game that challenges its audience to take a more active role in the issues surrounding social media platforms and technology innovation at large. Players are put into the shoes of the CEO of a rising social media startup and are tasked with growing the company and gaining user traction while navigating difficult situations that touch on topics of corporate ethics and moral issues.

The success of players is measured by metrics like public sentiment, cash, daily active users, and server load. Each decision made has some effect on these metrics, and may even result in situations such as acquisition offers, regulatory pressure, mental health crises, and more. CEO’s must avoid failure at all costs.