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| Myahn Walker

Myahn Walker

You Remind Me of Me is an ode to one of Myahn’s favorite childhood dresses. Since it is no longer in existence and there is no physical record of its existence, the garment exists only in her memory. Even still, she cannot recall many physical attributes about it. Myahn uses augmented reality and 3D modeling technology to tether the ghost of the garment in reality. The series of visual experiences are reflective of her lasting, fragmented memories and are brought together in an attempt to form a coherent picture of Myahn’s experiences with this dress.

Wrestling with her own beliefs between reality and imagination, Myahn uncovers the layers of frustration, joy and sorrow that memory reflection provokes. Unexpectedly, the process of remembering has also led her on a path of rediscovering who she was as a child and with the realization that, though memories fade, the impact remains.