in search of ___
| Sonia Shah

Sonia Shah

This project is a single edition of a hand-bound printed book. Through a series of visual experiments on each spread, this book explores and appreciates the ubiquitous, long-standing format of books and the resonance of its physical qualities. In the increasingly digital age, screen-based interfaces have a growing presence in human lives, but the interface and three-dimensionality of the printed page has power to provide a visceral, intimate interaction. The interactions in this book intend to bring the reader a sense of play and wonder in being lost in a book. The exhibition of this project involved four elements:

To Read: The book. As the book cannot exist digitally in its full form, a camera will be recording people’s interactions with it during the reception. Readers are invited to flip through it and engage.

To Take: Takeaway postcards for visitors. Featuring an embossed line from one of the page spreads.

To Look: Printed spreads from the book.

To Waste: All the actual paper waste created from this project. Every finished, “polished” product took many scraps, misprints, test prints, and mistakes. Looking through them, you can recognize how the scraps and first drafts developed into the final product.